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It takes a big heart to donate part of your liver to a child in need. There are more than 30 kids at Children’s Hospital who are waiting for a liver transplant and they need your help. By becoming a living donor, you can get them off the waiting list and give them a second a chance at life.

Register to become a living donor today.

If you’re an appropriate candidate for living donation, the UPMC Living Donor Transplant Program will contact you.

Not everyone can be a living donor, but everyone can give hope to those waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant by registering as an organ, eye, and tissue donor.  Register today at

Learn More About the Common Conditions that Lead to Liver Transplant in Children:

Kennedy Stevenson's Story

As a baby, Kennedy Stevenson was diagnosed with a rare metabolic disease. A living-donor liver transplant was her only hope so her mom turned to Facebook to find an unrelated donor. Mike Thompson, an old high school friend and a firefighter, answered the call . Thanks to Mike, Kennedy is now a healthy and happy little girl.